What to expect from our Personal Trainers

It all starts by using unique Movement Analysis (FASTER© HMACIII) which assesses the biomechanics of the athletes’ movement and links this to their performance subsequently identifying areas that are causing loss of performance and aggravation and pain in the body.. Once an assessment is complete we will develop a personalised movement strategy and exercises to enhance a person or athlete’s performance. This provides a means of building a progressive but challenging plan and can be tailored to an individual’s needs and dependent upon time and budget. The assessments are ongoing and provide a great tool in terms of progress and motivation.

Our training is unlike any other sports performance or trainers approach in this area and is built solidly on results based training. We can help you attain that peak performance that you have always longed to achieve as well as deal with potential ongoing dysfunction in the body and prevent further injury. In combination with her motivation and ongoing nutritional coaching the results speak for themselves. Check out what Nicola’s clients think in our client testimonials