Chichester Personal Trainer recommends drinking lots of water

What to Eat and Drink With Your Personal Training Program

Some tips from the top for eating and more importantly drinking!!!!Chichester Personal Trainer recommends drinking lots of water

1/ DRINK DRINK DRINK…..water!!

It will make you feel better, flush your system and allow metabolic processes to process!!! it will allow your real hunger to come through!!! Alot of hunger pangs and tiredness can be hydration!!!

So!!!….first thing in the morning before you do anything drink…my best suggestion is a pint,if you can manage it, of half hot half cold water…better assimilated into the system!!!…boil the kettle as soon as you are up and sip it slowly as you get ready??

2/Then breakfast….best option a protein based one!! yoghurt…proteins..low fat bacon an egg with a small amount of toast!! This really is the order of the day…concentrate on trying to cut back on things like bread, pots, pasta and rice….not altogether but limit it as much as possible!!

3/ I then suggest that you carry a bottle of water either 1.5 or 2 litre with you at all times. If too diffucult with Alfie a little one will do!! But i want you to make sure you drink at least 1/4 of the bottle by mid morning 1/2 by lunch time…3/4 by early evening and the rest by the time you go to bed!!!(If small bottles a bottle at each juncture !! :0) It really works….try above all else to be disciplined about this as the body just cant work without water!!! Have i gone on about it too much!!! ;0))))

4/ Lunch….soup or salad…low fat sarnie…we can discuss afters…best really would be fruit or yoghurt!!

5/ Snacks through the day – try to keep them either fruit/ protein or low GI (print low GI foods from internet)…we can discuss again!!

6/Dinner – Meat or fish….mixed with low GI carb (basmati rice white or brown, new potatoes, pasta in moderation!)

7/ In addition we can discuss your likes and dislikes and go through better choices for you as well as potential wheat or gluten issues!??

8/ MOST IMPORTANTLY if you do fall of the horse…DO NOT and i mean DO NOT beat yourself up…..everyone has a moment of weakness and just make the right choice next time!! And drinking water is a big forgiver of sins!!!……

9/ When you look at the hi and Lo GI foods if you are in position where you have to have something naughty…just try and mix it with a low one or failing that have a low GI item next or even better a high protein snack!! You would be surprised how many trainers having had a splurge on something will knock a handful of ham down a bit later to restore balance!! Protein is another friend of the metabolism so dont be shy of it!! Protein shakes or bars further down the line may be something you enjoy but we can discuss that too!!

10/ Fruit and veg !!! An obvious one…dont be shy…a good soup and freeze it and have it ready in portions is an easy win in the winter…espacially for a busy mum!!! as are smoothies!! BUT try to limit cartoned juices!! I advise watering it down if you are desperate for some and you soon become accustomed to it!! one carton of OJ is 450 cals!!

A small note on booze…it can slow down fat meatbolism as it interferes with the liver functions, so you will lose weight more easily with no or less booze. Im not suggesting the life of a monk but try to limit intake to weekends or special occasions if necessary!! :0)

I think thats all folks….for now….there s alot to take in…but one step at a time…and focus on water and hydration as a starter will get you going in the right direction!!!

Hope this helps and dont hesitate to ask any questions but we will discuss all the points above!!! :0)

Good luck and try not hurry weight loss….go slowly and it will stay off you will feel better and get the balance right i promise!!!

Best regards


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