I have been working out with Nikki for a few months now and it is amazing how I have changed in mind and body.  At our first class we got to know each others goals and expectations.  Nikki was able to check the way I moved, ran and walked and since has added exercises to suit me. Working out with our small group she watched all of us individually and helped move us correctly. Each week I feel fired up from Nikki’s enthusiasm, she encourages me and being a tennis player I have even received compliments from fellow players who have noticed my increased speed and agility around the court.…….Sally Ann Hazelden

Training with Nicky gives me new and challenging methods which really do deliver better results.
Modern methods combined with her knowledge and experience make our sessions stimulating and fun

I have been attending Nickie’s classes for the past year or more and I have found them to be excellent because they seem to work out all of my body. Her approach is different from many instructors which was refreshing. She has been really helpful when I had a shoulder injury and she was able to find exercises that helped it to improve and heal while working out the rest of me. She has also been great at pinpointing specific routines to help with my golf swing, concentrating on hip turns and lower back flexibility. She also our 14 year old son by giving him exercises for a sore knee. I would recommend her to anyone.……….Amanda

In addition to building up fitness Nicky is excellent at providing a specific programme of exercises to help with injuries or retraining muscles that have not been used for sometime. She introduces new routines to ensure there is plenty of variety in the training and that it remains challenging as improvements are made“.…….Sue