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Chichester Personal Trainer

Based in Chichester since 2001, we are a family run business focused on high quality personal training and core development.

We are not only about getting you fit and ready to move in your everyday life at work, rest and play. It is also about making training something you enjoy and look forward to. We strongly believe that the results will just come if you enjoy your training. Our sessions are tailored to your personal training needs while also focusing on any injury, health or fitness goals that you have.

As many of the existing clients will testify they are always fun, safe and challenging and most importantly varied. Just as the brain gets bored…so does the body! Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients think in our testimonials

Please contact us today to arrange a initial session where we assess your fitness levels and talk through your own personal training objectives.


  • After having a shoulder problem which needed medical treatment, due to weak muscles, I talked to my Physiotherapist who said a Personal Trainer would be a good idea. I did not want to go to a class and decided to have one to one training and started to look for a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I am so grateful that I found Nikki, she understood what I needed and worked with me to achieve that. It is now just coming up to a year that I have been working with Nikki and the changes to my physical strength and mobility has been more than I ever thought possible, I am so grateful to her.

    Maureen Sinclair Avatar Maureen Sinclair
    January 15, 2018

    Nikki has reduced my age by 20 years!! sounds a big claim I know, but since starting a once a week session i have grown from strength to strength. I had my anterior cruciate snapped at football 19 years ago and i never had it repaired, my knee was unstable and it stopped me playing or doing any sport and i actually thought this was going to be it for life. Wrong, she helped me do the correct exercises which after a few months has enabled me to start running, I could never have dreamed running on this injury I really did feel it was impossible, I now get zero pain and have full confidence with my knee. I have also had lower back pain for about 25 years which came and went, I had it 85% of the time but I put up with it. Within the same session Nikki also strengthened my core which has stopped all pain and I now feel I can do things that I did 20 years ago without a thought. What I like about Nikki is she controls your pace and will only go up a gear when you’re ready for it. Benefits I have had through Nikki’s sessions are: Stronger core Stronger legs and glutes Pain free Diet advice More muscle mass Reduced fat Loss of weight Nikki has always been very patient and always answer all of my questions.

    Paul Denly Avatar Paul Denly
    January 15, 2018

    I am a keen runner, but having taken up running in my latter years, often run into problems with injuries and aches and pains. Nikki has the answer to every issue I have experienced, and always gets me straight back on the road, stronger than ever. Her methods are completely logical when you get to know them, and anybody who thinks they can't do it, is just wrong! She can fix anything!

    Heidi Lang Avatar Heidi Lang
    July 4, 2019